Inside support

We offer technical support inside our laboratory thanks to the technicians and experts who created over the years a real special workshop to repair professional machines.


IrisBlend offers technical support for hot and cold beverage machines and “coffee machine breakfast” as well as professional capsules and coffee pods machines. We provide support to Nestlè, WMF e Spinel machines in more than 300 hotels in Italy and abroad.

We provide technical support to all the small accommodation facilities and food service : professional machines pods and capsules of medium range.


We address to private customers too, providing the assistance to machines and offering the opportunity to have checked machines with guarantee for sale or rent. We carefully assist coffee roasting plants or coffee shop providing inspected machines with the guarantee on sale or rent, to supply the small facilities.


3Hegematic, Spinel, Nestlé Professional

We offer support to any type of coffee machine , from WMF C&C 5000S Kartenleser to 8800 and 1900 model. We are official partners of all type of WMF Hegematic and Spinel machines. We are official partners of Nestlé Professional. Our efficiency, professionalism and willingness are appreciated by our customers as well as producers , with whom we collaborate actively to improve our service and support on field.