The Company


Iris Blend born in 2010 as specialist in assistance for hot and cold beverage dispensers, mixing up different skills coming from services and sales in the coffee machines and soft drinks sector. The name is inspired by the city of Florence's symbol. Florence is the main city in the region where the general quarter is situated- while “Blend” reminds to the professional blend composing our company making it unique.
Iris Blend uses skilled and updated technicians with more ten years of experience in this sector, allowing Iris Blend to be leader in the coffee machines assistance for the We open a laboratory placed in Dominican Republic to offer a located service to luxury hotels and resorts. Our sales network covers in detail all the areas we supply. Skilled technicians and operators are present in all the intervention areas with efficiency and rapidity in supplying to all the problems in the field and others.
Our mission is to offer a tailored support to our clients fast. We provide sized solutions for both luxury resorts or small local accommodation facilities. We believe in continuous growth and vocational training to offer tailored support with efficiency, punctuality and anywhere this is requested
Our team is composed by technicians and sales . Our expertise are periodically updated to offer the fitting support for any machine type.
The Company

Who we are

We are a team of technicians and expertise who decide to put all their skills together to create a new idea of business. We divided between the general quarter in Tuscany and our new site in Dominican Republic where we recently created new partnerships.
The Company


We collaborate with the main brand in the coffee machines and beverage dispensers like Nestè, WMF. But we support carefully also small accommodation facilities like bars or coffee shops. We recently opened a new sit in the Dominican Republic to provide support for local resorts.